Closing Up, Moving On

Hi there.

If you’ve forgotten this newsletter even existed, good news — so did I, sort of.

I started this newsletter in the very brief window of time when I was only writing one biweekly op-ed column. I thought I’d send this on my weeks off, or when I had a newsy idea that I didn’t want to bother pitching elsewhere.

Since then, I’ve signed up to produce two columns — alternating at Medium and DAME Magazine, respectively — and gone through the promotional cycle on a book, and run a second newsletter, and spent much of the past year working on other projects which are not yet fit for the sight of Man, but which I hope to show you shortly.

In that time, the goal of writing a sporadic just-the-columns-but-bloggier newsletter has become much less attainable. Aside from all the other projects — this is the work I’m already getting paid to do, and anything I write here is something I can’t write for a paying outlet. So it’s dropped off the radar, and my grand plans for it have gone the way most grand plans eventually do.

I may yet come back here, if I find myself with more free time on my hands, but in the meantime, you deserve a formal acknowledgment that this newsletter is on indefinite hiatus.

If you’re one of the people who was generous enough to subscribe, please know that I have no intention of ripping you off; you now have a year’s free subscription to my pop culture newsletter, Dangerous Characters, which I actually do update very regularly. Other folks can, of course, feel free to sign up there too! But I don’t want to leave you empty-handed.

Until next time,


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